I am currently working as a SDE @enumerate.ai. I have been professionally working as software developer for past 2 year. But have been reading & writing code for quite some time.

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Work Experience

I would like to list the contributions I have made to the projects, I have worked on so far and how my contribution have added value to those projects.

1. NEETPrep (SDE, April. 2021 - July. 2022)

The platform had seen a staggering growth of ~72% over the last two year (NEET is a 2+ course) in the number of total paid/free students signing up. Hence, a lot of my work was focused on:

  • Building Features for Improving user experience & retention

    • Building, user Streak, for tracking relevant metrics over period of days & weeks. Designed for promoting solving high volume of questions
    • Resulted in increased total questions solved per month, from 3.5 to 4.2 million (1 Month in Production). Question engagement metrics saw a growth of 23% over a 4 month period.
    • Reducing user effort per topic by eliminating redudant questions based on historical analytics data, using statistical tools such as Chi-square & K-means
    • Making platform IMS LTI 1.3 compatible
  • Identifying & removing bottlenecks

    • Lazy loading for graphql queries, leading to reduction in total reads
    • Moving native solutions to AWS lambda functions
    • setting up AWS aurora clusters & implementing database replica proxy.
  • Providing internal tooling to reduce traction of getting new content from ideation to delivery

    • Building video transcription services with GCP, utilizing custom vocab based on keywords extracted from corpus
    • Setting up a NLP pipeline for finding relevant video transcription based on question context. Utilizing PostgreSQL full text search capabilities . Implementation using custom stop words vocab & text search dictionary
  • Exploratory work for serving next 100k users

    • Decentralized GunDB as a solution for introducing live chats.
    • Stress testing kubernetes as an alternative to AWS EBS. Provisioned a cluster for internal use.
    • Provisioned Rocketchat instance with custom features such as message upvotes & reusable bot templates

Tech stack: Rails Node GraphQL React PostgreSQL Kubernetes Python

2. Slick Technology (Intern, July. 2020 - Dec. 2020)

I joined in as backend intern later switched to Full stack role. Was working alongside the CEO. Most of my worked focused on:

  • Creating performant and accessible SPA components for ERP solution, providing a seamless integration with the API endpoints
  • Building feature rich ERP based solution, taking inspiration from Laravel Voyager
  • Building Reusable pipeline flow’s to decrease redundancy & increase cohesion across module
  • Making application GDPR compliant
  • A lot emphasis was put into code quality, readability, documentation & testing. Setting up a work pipeline that would scale as the team & project grows.
  • As a bootstrapped startup, had to constantly juggle between multiple projects

Tech stack: Laravel React JS Saga Redux

3. DGTOnline (Project Partner, Feb. 2019 ‑ April. 2019)

  • Worked alongside a local coaching institute to build a platform for conducting tests and managing student records, for different national level competitive exams
  • Extending capabilities of platform by integrating custom services such as video transcoding, SEO campaign etc. Entirely Built from scratch
  • Conducted over 2000+ tests for about 200 students over a period of 3 months
  • Got to work in a more context driven environment. As my work was closely related to business side of things
  • As a solo dev, was a huge learning opportunity, building and deploying an application to production & navigating how to effectively introduce new feature without breaking

Tech stack: django vue Nginx MySQL Firebase